Interceding For Your Kids

Intercession is one of the most powerful tools you have as a parent or guardian, so don't hesitate to take the lead in breaking the heavens open over your kids.  As they make a press to become who they are in Christ, your wisdom and experience can put the adversities and challenges they'll face at bay. Years ago, a powerful intercessor and worship leader in the city would tell the story of how she warred for her children in prayer day in and day out, never giving the enemy an opportunity to gain traction in their lives. Her children would comment about how they were "soaked" at night from their mom crying out over them, anointing their rooms as they slept! No doubt those kids could say their mom literally "prayed them through".

You have the opportunity to anoint your children in a way that no one else can. Use your voice. Decree stability, a strong sense of self, and confidence in who they are. Your prayers may be the difference you've been looking to see. Jesus' prayer in John 17 shows just how significant the guardianship role is. He took ownership over His assignment to the disciples, as the steward of their souls and His obedience secured their future in God's kingdom. He understood that the goal was that they bear fruit and become who God needed them to be. Understand that your work in your children's lives, your time, prayers and investment--is powerful enough to bear fruit too. 

• Create custom, personal prayer decrees to pray over for your kids. 
• Set a routine and standard family prayer time, but also individual time with each one of your children. 
• Handle the issues they face and even the issues you have with them, in prayer. 
• Partner with God in helping to usher your child into purpose. 
• Pray that their spirits be enlarged for their Christ identity and His plan for their lives.
• Be relentless. Don't give up until you see the fruit of your intercession come to pass.


Dr. Adia Amos is the founder of 20 year five-fold ministry leader and founder of KingdomFive
Ministries. She is the host of Propheting This Generation, the broadcast and podcast series, and
the founder of InspireHER young women’s ministry. To learn more, visit

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