About ANOC

Antioch Network of Churches (ANOC) is a conglomeration of apostolic and prophetic churches and ministries with a passion to protect and promote the integrity of the Lord’s Ecclesia, and to ensure the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth. ANOC provides apostolic covering, training, and development based up on the organics of scripture. Commitment ANOC is committed to providing Biblically based Apostolic Covering, Training, and Development in every area of ministry. This includes Training and Development for 3 fold officers (I Cor. 12:27-27) Church Planting, Impartation, ministry establishment, Eldership training, Congregational development and Credentialing, Ordination and Commissioning. ANOC serves Churches, Ministries, Ministers, and Leaders, world-wide. Covering Our 20 plus years’ experience in ministry as Apostles, Prophets, Teachers and Senior Pastors guide and serve us in providing the type of Apostolic Covering that is supportive rather than controlling. We minister on the premise of accountability, access, relationship, mentorship and spiritual and natural fruit development. We provide oversight, training, guidance and direction. Ordination Upon agreement, Senior Apostles Nona Parker, along with the designated ANOC Executive Council and or designated presbytery will provide you with a biblical path and curriculum that will set the standards for official Ordination and/or Commissioning as set forth in the Covenant Agreement of ANOC. 

If you are interested in becoming affiliated with ANOC as a 3-fold ministry, the following requirements must be met: Firstly, for proven 3-FOLD ministers only, please submit the following: •Completed application form with recent photo • 2 ministry references or the recommendations. Secondly, you may also choose one of the following affiliations: 1. ANOC CHURCH AFFILIATION: This category is for senior leaders that are trained and placed over churches founded by Apostle Nona Parker. This includes newly planted churches and ministries. (May not be appropriate if the leader still desires affiliated with a denomination.) It places the ministry under the direct oversight of Apostle Nona Parker as an Antioch Church. 2. ATA/SHAMAR APOSTOLIC/PROPHETIC TRAINING CENTERS AND BIBLE SCHOOLS: This category is for Training Centers and Bible Schools who desire to transition to a stronger apostolic and prophetic emphasis along with a more revelatory present truth curriculum and greater emphasis on Scripture Organics. 3. ANOC APOSTOLIC/PROPHETIC NETWORK AFFILIATION: This category is for senior leaders of independent churches. (May not be appropriate if the church is still affiliated with a denomination.) It positions the ministry under the oversight of Apostle Nona Parker and freely submits to the accountability, prophetic council and correction provided by her. Additionally, it allows for your congregation and constituents to receive direct impartation from Apostle Nona along with training and development by her and her staff of Ministers.

Financial Obligations The financial obligation of all affiliates of ANOC is agreement to provide a tithe from your monthly ministry contributions, pay all fees for training if applicable, honorariums for onsite visits. ANOC will provide reduced fees for registrations for Public events (live and online) sponsored by ANOC, including discounts for related expenses such as meals, material purchased, recordings, and hotel accommodations when applicable.